Artist in studio creative art process, Augmented Reality Art, Artist Collector
Artist in studio creative art process
App Artmented Augmented Reality Art
Artist in studio creative art process, Augmented Reality Art, Artist Collector
Artist in studio creative art process, Augmented Reality Art exhibition
Glitched abstract squares ART work painted on Oil on canvas with Augmented Reality sculptures embedded activated by Artmented app.


An art movement

My artistic practice aims to amalgamate analogic and virtual objects simultaneously. In the first stage, the paintings are created using classical techniques to create voxels intentionally repetitive and graphically wrench to reflect abstractly human nature. Then moved by uneasiness and dissatisfaction, I appropriate of an ordinary object – mobile devices – serving as a medium to expose the discrepancy between the analog and the virtual by fusing these divergent universes on art expression form. The lens triggers the metamorphosis of the physical medium unveils the digital sculptures in Augmented Reality by Artmented. An in-studio digital medium crafted for this practice-based research.

I exhaustively exploit the digital inevitability, creating connections between each piece through art and technology.
The 3D computer graphics activated through Augmented Reality empowers the public sensations and stimulates them to reach personal perceptions. Aiming to arouse the audience’s surprise turns into an explosion of sublime emotions once these worlds are colliding. I was considered in 2017 by the MTart agency a creator of new world aesthetics in fine art. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art for innovative use of technology, my vision is to create a superimposed colourful graphic world whereas the virtual fuses organically with phenomena reality. I named this movement ‘”Multivese art”.


2020 – Zohart Gallery – Metanoia, Barcelona, SPN
2019 – Shortlisted Artist, Ashurst Emerging Artists Prize 2019, Oaktree&Tiger, London, UK.
2019 – Universal Music Installation, Glitch – Augmented Reality – The Funhouse, Toronto, CA
2019 – Orgramica Print number 10, Auction to Cancer Breast Research founds at Helena Torres Association, Ibiza, SPN.
2018 – Universal Music Installation, Frozen Guests –  The Funhouse, Toronto, CA
2018 – Women and Tech – Award Nominee, Art & Tech Category, Lisbon, PT
2018 – Auggie Awards – Award Nominee, Los Angeles., US
2018 – Launch of the Artmented App 2.0 – with 11 augmented artworks (iOS and Android).
2018 – Installation Swallowed by Concrete, Anda Residency, Toronto, CA
2018 – Awarded at Artrooms,  Yassos Series, Tessego and Articulations work London, UK
2017 – Fishes, Augmented Reality Panel, Nuit Blanche for House of VR, Toronto, CA
2017 – Fishes, Augmented Reality Panel, Figment Festival, Toronto, CA
2017 – Launch of the Artmented App 1.0 –  with 2 augmented artworks (Android).
2017 – Augmented reality Murals, House of VR, Toronto, CA
2015 – Selected Artist Nike Open the Box – Fondazione Bonotto, Milano, IT
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