Why I used the Augmented Reality app as a medium to deploy my art investigation?

Artist’s Concept

My artistic practice aims to amalgamate analogic and virtual objects simultaneously. In the first stage, the paintings are created using classical techniques to create voxels intentionally repetitive and graphically wrench to reflect abstractly human nature. Then moved by uneasiness and dissatisfaction, I appropriate of an ordinary object – mobile devices – serving as a medium to expose the discrepancy between the analog and the virtual by fusing these divergent universes on art expression form. The lens triggers the metamorphosis of the physical medium unveils the digital sculptures in Augmented Reality by Artmented. An in-studio digital medium crafted for this practice-based research.

  1. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist.
  2. All prints come with an Authenticity signed by the artist.
  3. The app is free for download for IOS and Android.

Digital Art

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